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Inspiring individuals to live the life of their dreams

If you would have told me that I could get paid to dress up in a costume, travel the world, and connect with people where they are... I would not have believed you.

Now it's my passion to help others find their niche.

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about jeremy

As a current professional sports mascot and small business owner, Jeremy has a unique and impactful way of connecting with audiences and individuals.


Having preformed on some of the largest stages in the world, Jeremy’s unique story empowers its listeners to take steps to live the life of their dreams by finding their passion and maximizing their talent.

The mascot life for Jeremy started early when he got to see the San Diego Chicken preform.


After that it was over when Jeremy got to fill in as Colonel Reb at his high school for a football game.


From there it only grew, and at Auburn University he performed as the beloved “Aubie” the tiger and helped win a Cheerleading Mascot National Championship.


After a year in corporate America, Jeremy again chased his life dream of becoming a professional sports mascot.


17 years, 4 sports teams, an entertainment act, a successful business with representation of dozens of corporate characters and commercials, and a family with his wife and 2 active boys has given Jeremy the desire to step out from behind the fur to tell his story of passion, talent, and inspiration.


Talk Topics

 What the Fur!? - The Secret   to a Work Free Life 

Life starts when you find your why, so why not get busy finding what drives you? Everyone has unique talents and interests, but the few lucky ones find a way to make a living with their talent and their passion. In this captivating presentation, students will learn the 3 areas that make everyone unique. Everyone has a path to success and it will not be the same as any other.

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 Behind the Mask 

We are all human and everyone makes mistakes. Research is showing that bullying and suicide are becoming more linked during these unprecedented times. During this 45 minute discussion, students hear about one of Jeremy's biggest mistakes and discover ways to overcome their own setbacks. We'll also find out how and who to ask for help, and tips on how to manage the dark and lonely times of life.

Secrets of a Mascot Life



Jeremy - It’s been a pleasure having you involved in multiple events with students in the past couple of years. Your great sense of humor and positive demeanor has resonated with students across the Atlanta area! The way you can blend serious topics and personal examples from you own life really help to push our course themes forward. Our Character Playbook program definitely provides students with the framework for making smart decisions and building healthy relationships, but the character you show each time you speak to a group or entire grade of students is second to none! Looking forward to having you share your career path and ways to be a better person with students in during 2021."


Darian Johnson
Senior Account Manager, Enterprise
Sports and Entertainment Group






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